Authentic Belgian Food Vendor (NEW)

Rocktown Racing will be running a Belgian food vendor at the 2013 Rocktown Cyclocross Festival. Belgium is the epicenter of riding and is known for excellent race vendors. If you haven’t been able to get over there and experience a true Belgian race, at least come to the Rocktown Cyclocross Festival to experience real Belgian style bike racing.


  • $3.00 Gaufre Liège
Warm Belgian waffles with caramelized chunks of sugar. These waffles might be one of the most notable things from Belgium, and for a good reason.
  • $3.00 Stroopwafels
Homemade Dutch cookies with honey-caramel filling sandwiched between two layers of pizzelle cookie crust. AKA the bigger, badder, tastier Honey Stinger Waffle.